Factors to Consider Before Buying New Auto Bulbs – A Comprehensive Guide

Buying a bulb for a car is not as easy as most people think. Most people have their own ideas about bulbs and how they should look and how they should be installed in the car.

Some people also want to buy a bulb that will last longer than the one that came with their car, so when you go out to buy a bulb for your car, ask some questions so that you get the right one. These are some things you should consider when buying auto bulbs.

Light Quality

It might not seem important when you’re buying a bulb for your car, but it’s actually something you should think about. If you buy a poor-quality bulb, you might end up replacing it quite often, even if it only lasts for two years. Look at the rating on the bulb.

If it is below six hundred, don’t even think about buying it. It’s better to spend more money and buy a high-quality bulb that will last for many years than to buy a lower quality bulb and have to replace it frequently.


This is the power that the bulb gives off. Don’t forget to read the package on the bulb before you buy it. Most of them will give you an estimated power level. Calculate how much light your car needs and buy the bulb based on that.


It’s hard to determine exactly what color your bulb will be until it is installed but make an educated guess. Look at the area where you plan to install the bulb. If you’re planning on installing the bulb in the trunk, make sure that the color is as close to the color of the car’s paint as possible.

If you’re planning on installing it in the front passenger car, make sure that the bulb matches the color of the front seat upholstery. Remember that a bright sunny day will wash the color of the car’s paint so look for a sunny day when you will be able to take the car for a test drive.

The size – This is simply the amount of light the bulb will produce. Do a little research on the internet to see the different sizes of bulbs. Bulbs that are larger are usually better since they put out more light. However, smaller bulbs may not produce enough light, so if you’re looking for a bright light then you should buy a bigger bulb.

How easy is it to install? Most cars already come with a bulb installed, so this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you have to buy a bulb separately, be sure that it is easy to install. It’s best to buy an OEM bulb and pay the extra money so that you don’t void the car warranty. There are also many aftermarket bulbs that are easy to install.

Will you be using the light constantly? If you like to take pictures or use your car’s headlights a lot then you should get a bulb with more brightness. Otherwise, you can buy a lower-power bulb that will only last for a few months before it needs replacing.

Finally, consider the cost of installation versus buying a bulb for the car that you will install yourself. Most dealerships will charge you for labor on top of the cost of the bulb, which can run into the thousands. By saving money in the long term you can easily save hundreds of dollars. Just keep in mind that the more light you use, the more you will need to buy.